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Different Styles applied to the same image in Capture One. Use Styles to get a consistent look faster

Working with Styles

Capture One Styles can be used in many different workflows. They can for example be applied during import or used as a creative brainstorming tool to find the direction of your images. Learn more about what a Style is, how to apply Styles to many images with a few clicks and how to install Styles. Your workflow might be forever improved.

Capture One 24 has a series of new and exciting features to speed up your culling, editing and photography workflow

6 new features in Capture One Pro 23 to get excited about

Capture One Pro 23 offers a bunch of new tools and functionalities to make your workflow more efficient and flexible. Here’s a rundown to get you excited to work faster, together, and, ultimately, less. 1. Get the right look with Smart Adjustments Getting a consistent look across many images can be difficult and time-consuming if they are shot under different lighting conditions. Smart Adjustments are here to help automate that part of your workflow. The new tool, which has been designed for portrait, wedding, and event photographers, uses faces and skin tone as guidance to determine which adjustments to make to your photos. The most critical adjustments for achieving a consistent look are Exposure and White Balance. With Smart Adjustments, these can now be automatically tuned to match a reference image of your choosing. How to use Smart Adjustments So how do you use Smart Adjustments? Simply follow these steps: 1. Edit one image to your liking with Exposure and White Balance. 2. Find the Smart Adjustments Tool in the Adjust Tab. 3. Hit “Set …

Paul Reiffer's new presets helps give your landscape photography a baseline to work from

Introducing Elevation Styles – Q&A with Paul Reiffer

Producing imagery that reflects the mood and feeling at the time of capture is of utmost importance, particularly when it comes to landscape photography and capturing vivid cityscapes. Working with world-renowned photographer Paul Reiffer, the Elevation Styles pack was designed to ensure that your images retain the essence of the moment and bring decades of photographic experience to your images at the click of a button. Learn more about Paul’s journey and how Elevation Styles takes your images to the next level. So, why did you create Elevation Styles? Was there anything specific that inspired you to create them? I have taught people how to use Capture One Pro for more than ten years and I see people frustrated by the same thing: they find it difficult to get the photo to look like how they saw it at the time. Sometimes when we load the images onto a computer, we don’t necessarily see exactly what we thought was there, or how it felt to be there. So, we’ve built a fast-track to taking your …