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Beauty and still-life photographer Zoe Noble shares her five favorite features in Capture One to speed up her workflow

5 favorite Capture One features with Zoë Noble

Beauty and still-life photographer Zoë Noble has been using Capture One for years. Working with big brands like L’Oréal Paris, Ogilvy, and No7 and personal projects like We are Childfree, which tells the stories of women who choose to not have children, Zoë works meticulously to make her images look as good as they can. In this guest blog, Zoë shares her five favorite features in Capture One Pro and how she uses them to get more control over her images, save time on her editing and make her images stand out. 1. Style it out with Layers It’s important to be able to control as much of the editing process as possible so I can bring my own personal vision to life. I love that I can now use Layers with my Styles with the new Capture One Pro 23 because they allow me to play with the opacity of the layers and tweak the edit to my taste. The editing process is so much simpler now that I can have different elements of …

Capture One 24 has a series of new and exciting features to speed up your culling, editing and photography workflow

6 new features in Capture One Pro 23 to get excited about

Capture One Pro 23 offers a bunch of new tools and functionalities to make your workflow more efficient and flexible. Here’s a rundown to get you excited to work faster, together, and, ultimately, less. 1. Get the right look with Smart Adjustments Getting a consistent look across many images can be difficult and time-consuming if they are shot under different lighting conditions. Smart Adjustments are here to help automate that part of your workflow. The new tool, which has been designed for portrait, wedding, and event photographers, uses faces and skin tone as guidance to determine which adjustments to make to your photos. The most critical adjustments for achieving a consistent look are Exposure and White Balance. With Smart Adjustments, these can now be automatically tuned to match a reference image of your choosing. How to use Smart Adjustments So how do you use Smart Adjustments? Simply follow these steps: 1. Edit one image to your liking with Exposure and White Balance. 2. Find the Smart Adjustments Tool in the Adjust Tab. 3. Hit “Set …