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Improving your efficiency – Import

Mark your calendar for our efficiency webinar series!

Throughout May and early June, we will divide up the Capture One workflow into specific tasks and deep dive on how to improve your efficiency for each one.
The first webinar in the series will explore the import process and teach you how to make your imports as efficient and powerful as possible.
Attend this webinar for tips on how to be consistent when importing images and learn how to automate laborious tasks such as Naming and Metadata.
Join David to get to grips with some of the less attractive but highly important steps of your workflow.

The webinar will teach you how to:

  • Create Naming Presets that can be used time and time again
  • Use the Import Viewer for fast culling
  • Add Metadata on import
  • Add Styles or Presets on Import

Once you’ve brushed up your import skills with this webinar, look out for the next in the series, which will explore how to make your editing workflow as efficient as possible.

Photographer credit: Ausra Babiedaite