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Images by Recently graduated photographer Ville Makarainen

RAW Talent with Ville Mäkäräinen

Once on the verge of giving up on his dream of becoming a photographer after a particularly disheartening experience at a photoshoot, recent photography graduate Ville Mäkäräinen is now more determined than ever to carve out a space for himself in the world of photography. We spoke to Ville about how his love for skateboarding and run on Finland’s Next Top Model led him to where he is today and the anxiety and excitement of taking the leap into a new profession. I’d like to start by asking you about your origin story. How did you get into photography? It all started when I was a kid and skateboarding a lot. Me and my friends wanted to get new tricks on tape and as the creative child, I was often the one picking up the camera. It was my dad’s camera, which was probably one of the first digital cameras that could record video. Fisheye lens is a big deal in skateboarding, and I remember taping up a peephole right on the lens, probably leaving …

Beauty and still-life photographer Zoe Noble shares her five favorite features in Capture One to speed up her workflow

5 favorite Capture One features with Zoë Noble

Beauty and still-life photographer Zoë Noble has been using Capture One for years. Working with big brands like L’Oréal Paris, Ogilvy, and No7 and personal projects like We are Childfree, which tells the stories of women who choose to not have children, Zoë works meticulously to make her images look as good as they can. In this guest blog, Zoë shares her five favorite features in Capture One Pro and how she uses them to get more control over her images, save time on her editing and make her images stand out. 1. Style it out with Layers It’s important to be able to control as much of the editing process as possible so I can bring my own personal vision to life. I love that I can now use Layers with my Styles with the new Capture One Pro 23 because they allow me to play with the opacity of the layers and tweak the edit to my taste. The editing process is so much simpler now that I can have different elements of …