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The never-ending quest for authentic color

How do you accurately capture real-life color in a 2D photo? We open up the doors to our development lab and let you in on the secret of Capture One’s hand-calibrated camera profiles. Want to create your best possible photo? It takes more than powerful editing tools to make an amazing image come to life. Like an artist needs a beautiful blank canvas, it’s also important to have the best possible starting point for your editing. That’s where our camera profiles and true-to-life color processing come in. When we say your camera is supported in Capture One, we don’t just mean that you can edit files from that camera in our photo editing software. We mean that we’ve calibrated the colors from your camera by hand, so that when your photo is imported into Capture One, your colors and details look as authentic as possible, just like when you captured it. That’s when you’re free to unleash your creativity and keep your photo true-to-life – or go crazy with our tools to create something totally …

Tell it with green

For our Capture One 21 launch, we challenged Polish food and still life photographer Maciek Miloch to tell us about his experience of the pandemic – using just one color. In this blog, he shares the inspiration behind his shoot and how he created an entire green universe during a lockdown.