Shooting and Editing with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One

Join Fujifilm X Photographer, Wayne Johns and David Grover from Capture One to see a complete shoot to edit workflow with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One.

✓ See how to connect your X-T4 to Capture One and shoot tethered
✓ Optimise settings in Capture One for the X-T4
✓ Use Fujifilm Film Simulations in Capture One
✓ Edit and export your photos to final formats

Length: 60:00 minutes

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

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Will the webinar “Shooting and Editing with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One” be put on youtube later. 15.30pm is like 1am in the morning down under 😉

bo gyllander

It would be nice if you could show how to connect a Fuji GFX 50 to tether with Capture one 20. It’s not so easy


Black año White

Thank you

Richard Brenner


I cannot join today but would like to register if there is a recording send out.
Will there be a free recording of this?
Thank you.

Terry Jones

I was unable to attend during the live webinar. Will you have the recorded webinar available?

Chantale w

Can you tell me where I can get one of those usb cables that was described in the webinar? Thx.

I highly prefer text and screenshot based tutorials over videos; can I find those somewhere?


David Grover

Yes, at support.captureone.com


Shooting and Editing with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One.
When correcting a point on a curve, The demonstrator, Mr. Wayne Johns encounters some difficulties to move a point (with his mouse) on the curve.
Tip: if the point is orange (therefore selected), it is possible to move it precisely, with the four arrows on the keyboard (↑ ↓ → ←).
Thank you for all of your contributions.

David Grover

Hi Grand,

Wayne was struggling as I made him drop the resolution of the screen quite a bit for the purpose of the live stream. Therefore his Wacom was a little more sensitive than usual! And yes, you can use the cursor keys to move control points.

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