From RAW to WOW!

How do you transform an image from RAW to WOW? In this live session, we’ll take you back to the basics and show you some simple editing techniques to making your photos shine in Capture One. We’ll look at a variety of photos and take different approaches to editing. Together, we’ll teach you how to achieve amazing results using simple but powerful tools.

Join the session to learn how you can optimize any image, and rescue those you didn’t think could be helped. Bring your questions for the live Q&A – see you there!

In joining, you’ll learn about:

  • Simple but highly effective editing tools
  • Amazing results in a short space of time

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One.

Comments (6)

Geraldo Mol Starling filho

Ansious for that.

Michael Anderson

When you register, no automated email reply with confirmation. Missing calendar tool to generate events in one of the many calendars.

David Grover

Hi Michael,

You should indeed get an immediate email. Secondly after registering there is a calendar link.

I have resent your confirmation email and sent it separately.

vicente tascon gonzalez

Me gusta lo simple y quiero aprender.
Saludos y gracias.

Tasha Roth

Thank you for this Webinar. Due living to a different time zone, it will be difficult to for me to attend. Can you send me a link to the recording? Thank You for your time.

Best Wishes,

David Grover

Hi Tasha,

If you sign up anyway, then you’ll be reminded when the recording is ready. 🙂

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