Workflow Tips & Tricks

Capture One is a highly capable RAW converter (we thinks so!) but it’s also your Swiss army knife for ploughing through your workload with a variety of time saving features.

In this webinar we will take a look at the practical time saving and workflow features, outside of the typical image editing we often show.

It will give us a chance to touch upon features such as Speed Edit, Copy / Apply workflows, selection workflows and some of the lesser known features such as Annotations, Focus Mask and more!

Bring your questions for the live Q&A

In joining, you’ll learn about:

  • Learn practical and time saving tips
  • Improve your speed using Capture One

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One.

Comments (5)

Peter Nixon

Unsuitable time in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, means that I will watch later but not the live session.

David Grover

Hi Peter,

Is the morning session not early enough for you?

Don J J Carroll

Monday, July 12, 2021, 9:15 a.m.

A few comments about webinar notices. I wish that C1 send those upcoming webinar notices to Join a Webinar a reminder e-mail the “day before” and the “day of” the webinar, I have missed several live broadcasts in the past.

Secondly, when I click on the link to join a C1 webinar I see the available times in CEST or what ever the time zone. Other software companies that offer webinars also include a time-zone conversion link that informs a person at what time that webinar will take place in “their time zone.” It would be nice if C1 offer this option.

What I generally do with C1 webinar session time is pick a session “willy-nilly” and hope for the best!

Re upcoming webinars, unless this topic has been addressed already in previous sessions, I would like to see tips on what should a person do if they edit a raw file in Capture One 21 (Fujifilm in my case), which I have, but next want to do editing in Lightroom Classic, mainly to output the image (export) with presets I have created.

Questions I have are do I avoid any sharpening in C21 and only do sharpening in Lightroom Classic or do capture sharpening in C21 and not in Lightroom Classic except for output.

Also, I find Adobe Photoshop 2021 has amazing healing – cloning capabilities, can I “jump” after I edit in C21 to Photoshop, do the healing and cloning I need to do and then jump back into C21, much like I can do in Lightroom – PS workflow?

Don J J Carroll

David Grover

Hi Don,

We send out a reminder the day before and 1 hour before live time. Have you checked your spam folder or “Social” folder in Gmail?

If you IP address can be detected then the time will convert to your local time zone. If it can’t then the local time is CEST – Central European Summer Time, if that helps you with a conversion.

Maybe for obvious reasons, it’s unlikely I will show any workflows in Lightroom. Have you tried creating the presets / styles in Capture One?

With regards to Photoshop, or indeed any other app, yes you can round trip. Simply right click on any photo and choose “edit with”.


John Giordano


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