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6 tips to become a Capture One superuser from Sarah Silver

Knowing your software is power. It lets you express yourself creatively because you don’t waste time thinking “how do I do this?” and leaves more room to think “how can I take this ten steps further?” Fashion and beauty photographer – and Capture One superstar – Sarah Silver shares her best tips for speeding up your workflow, getting better images, and becoming a Capture One superuser. Make shortcuts for anything and everything Crowned by her colleagues as the Queen of Hotkeys (or shortcuts), Sarah has customized every part of her workflow to be ready at her fingertips. “If I could hotkey making breakfast, I would,” she says. “Not only do hotkeys make me more efficient, but it also uses the part of my brain that I used when I played the piano as a kid. It’s like playing a chord.” Giving her hotkeys easy-to-remember names, like ‘three across’, ‘corner’, ‘spider’, and ‘wall’, helps her immediately find the finger placement and function for each of her shortcuts and makes it easier to let her colleagues on …

capture one webinar color grading and colour editing

Color grading and color editing

Join us for a livestream on everything color! Capture One has a host of tools to edit colors and color grade your shots to your own taste. In this livestream, we’ll take you through the basics of the Color Balance tool and the various ways you can use it to enhance your photographs. Coupling its use with the Basic or Advanced Color Editor will give you endless opportunities for color grading. Attend this livestream to learn how to: The mechanics of the Color Balance tool Simple Color Grading Techniques How to combine the Color Grading tool with Layers How to use the Color Editor in combination with other tools