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capture one webinar color grading and colour editing

Color grading and color editing

Join us for a livestream on everything color! Capture One has a host of tools to edit colors and color grade your shots to your own taste. In this livestream, we’ll take you through the basics of the Color Balance tool and the various ways you can use it to enhance your photographs. Coupling its use with the Basic or Advanced Color Editor will give you endless opportunities for color grading. Attend this livestream to learn how to: The mechanics of the Color Balance tool Simple Color Grading Techniques How to combine the Color Grading tool with Layers How to use the Color Editor in combination with other tools

Man editing image on Capture One for iPad in the car

What to expect from Capture One for iPad

Soon you can take your workflow on the go. On June 28, Capture One for iPad will be available in the App Store in all countries. Creating the iPad app has meant making choices about how to best serve our community of photographers and meet their needs in a timely manner. In this article, we will answer some of your most asked questions about the app and share some of the decisions behind the creation of Capture One for iPad. What can you expect from Capture One for iPad? The Capture One for iPad app has been created to complement the Capture One Pro desktop app. Even though the iPad app works perfectly well on its own, the two products work even better together. The new Cloud Transfer system lets you start on the go using the iPad and make the final touches at home on the desktop by transferring your work smoothly across devices – helping you get the most out of your time, money, and images. Throughout the development of the app, we …