Creating your own Styles and Presets

Whether you use Styles and Presets as a large part of your editing process, or simply browse through them occasionally for inspiration, they can be hugely beneficial to any workflow. This blog post will describe some best practices to make your Styles more useful and broadly applicable for optimal results. If you don’t already have Capture One, you can download a free 30-day trial. Before we move on to the technical tips and tricks, let me just quote a previous blog post about Working with Styles: Technically speaking, a Style in Capture One is simply a set of pre-made adjustments that can be applied to one or more images with a single mouse click. A Style can include as many tools as you like, thus enabling photographers to create an extensive bank of ready-to-use adjustments for any workflow.  It is important to differentiate Styles from Presets, which also exist in Capture One. A Preset is also a pre-made adjustment, but only for a single tool. This enables Presets to be instantly available from the tool …

Portrait and Beauty Retouching Workflow

In today’s world where images are output to a variety of media, and client changes are commonplace, an efficient and flexible workflow is just as important as the quality of your final image. The goal of this post is to take you through my retouching workflow, from tethered capture to Photoshop and all the way to image output, and show how you can get great quality results while remaining agile and efficient.