From RAW to WOW with Capture One

Even though Capture One has some fantastic tools for in-depth photo editing, very often only a few corrections are needed to make a photo shine.

In this webinar we will look at a variety of photos that require different approaches but can easily be achieved with some simple but powerful tools in Capture One.

Don’t miss out to simplify and streamline your image editing. Work smarter and get the WOW back!
Learn about:

✓ What tools to use for maximum efficiency
✓ Tips for quality results
✓ Tips for quality results

Length: 90:00 minutes

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

Comments (22)

Just trying cap 1 20, but need video tutorials

normand richard


Kurt Wieser

Glad to have such activities – now

Kurt Wieser

Glad to have such activities now

Salvador Parent

why not in spanish

Marcel Travella

Att: David Grover,
I have been using C1 for several years now and coming from Aperture I never learned to be organized with C1. Would it be possible to have a webinar someday about re-organizing catalog(s) in a more efficient way, I am sure that I am not the only one that started with C1, used it the best we could, organized files and folders, only to find out later that it a problem and it would be best to start from scratch.
PS: I love your seminars and I don’t miss any, very helpful.

Ryan Taylor-Teets


Lawrence McFarland

See you there

I am getting very good results from my Sony Cameras.


Etudiant en tourisme, est-il possible d’avoir un tarif reduit

Antonio Mora

Buens dias , gracias por esta oportunidad , una pregunta el seminario sera es Español

Terrence Tan

Count me in

Bernd Werner

Are you not offering any German-language webinars and tutorials? How can I hear and see those in German?

Gerald Fulham

i want to sing up to the webinar From raw to wow

Gérald Fulham

I want to sign up to the webinar From Raw to WoW

Gérald Fulham

I want to sing up to the webinar From Raw to WoW

Jose Basbus

I am still waiting for CO20 to add the “memo voice” slider so that I can hear the voice data recorder to my raw file in the camera. When will this feature be added?. thanks

Gregory Kapuscinski

Hi, I am Lightroom user would like to learn with Capture One

Gregory K.

Gregory Kapuscinski

Would like to learn the skills of editing on Capture One.
I am professional photographer just recently focusing on fine art photography, landscape and night-skyline of
large Cities.


Azhar Manzoor

Dear brother,
I have read all literature about but, monthly or early payment is not affordable, it’s out of my reach,
Photography is my hobby not my perfection.

gary faye

I tried on chrome but it failed

Dan George

Will this be offered again? I connected with about 10 minutes left. I did not see the notification because I was busy at work. I am doing this on the side.