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Advancing your Landscape Edits

There are many tools at your disposal in Capture One to edit your landscape photos with. But what tools make sense and when? How does Exposure differ from Brightness? Should I use Contrast or a Luma Curve? What do the different types of Clarity do?

In this webinar we will run through some edits to appeal to beginners and more advanced users alike. So sign up and take your landscape editing to the next level and enjoy the creative process even more.

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Ed Cunicelli

Thank You!

Karl Rittinger

Lookig forward to video get some new ideas Thanks

Luis Murguía

¡Great material! Thank you so much.

Terry Lobo

I am an amateur photographer using a Sony A6000 and Capture One since 2017. Thank you to David Grover et al for the great instructional webinars.
One of my favorite subjects is Astro and Milky Way photography. However, to get good exposure on the sky, any lighted areas on the horizon get completely blown out. My nephew told me I could use Photoshop to merge several photos with different exposures.
Since I’m too cheap, I developed a technique where I take 2 photos – 1 exposed for sky and 1 exposed for land, and use Paint 3D to paste the good land shot to the bottom of my sky shot. I can then edit the resulting image and use the Clone Tool to replace the land on my sky shot and eliminate the blown out sections.
If you think this is a good topic for a Quick Live I can share my Session with you.

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