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Blake Pope - historic diner in Charlotte, North Carolina

Spotlight On: Blake Pope

When it comes to capturing the essence of an interior space, the onus is on the photographer. Acutely aware of this fact is North Carolina-based photographer, Blake Pope. One of Capture One’s newest brand ambassadors, Pope’s work focuses primarily on food, stills, and interiors. Having spent years working in the hospitality industry, the Charlotte-based creative, says he fell into his current discipline when he was asked to start photographing the food and the interiors of restaurants in the buzzing town of Charlotte. Prior to that twist of fate, Pope was already artistically inclined, pursuing illustration in high school and later switching to music in college, where he studied jazz and classical guitar. An avid skateboarder since his teens, he later realized he was more spectator than sportsman, and decided to start filming his skateboarding cronies. “I picked up a canon video camera when I was 19 and ended up being fascinated with how it worked,” he said. “So that is where it started. Soon, I got into stills, DSLR, and shooting video which was around …