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Photography student Josefine Amalie explores underrepresented bodies in her work The Human Body

RAW talent with Josefine Amalie

Josefine Amalie is a dreamer. Sensitive to the inequalities in the world, the recently graduated Danish photographer is interested in creating narratives through her work that break with what we are used to seeing. In this latest post in our RAW Talent series, Josefine tells us about how she tries to deconstruct stereotypes and create a different reality with her photography and how Capture One helps her along the way. Tell us a bit about yourself! Where to start. I’m an idealist and I easily get impassioned. I have a vibrant inner life, where I often daydream and invent all sorts of stories and visualizations. I hate that we are not all equal and I often get overwhelmed by the thought of people struggling all over the world. And for the formal part; I have served an apprenticeship for fashion photographer Rasmus Mogensen in Paris and corporate and portrait photographer Norddahl & Co in Copenhagen during my studies at NEXT CPH. Besides that, I have a bachelor’s in Communication and Digital Media from Aalborg University …