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Impossible photos with Joe McNally

In this webinar, David is joined by Joe McNally to discuss the subject of seemingly impossible photos.

“For whatever reason, over the course of many years of assigning, I’ve been thrown some serious photographic curves. Big productions, lots of lights, crew, and pressure. It’s a process, when staring one of these down, from conception to completion.

This webinar will take you through a series of these “big pictures” and discuss the planning and pitfalls, the production and the lighting, and the final delivery of a shot that may have taken a couple days to pull together, or a week in the field.

Discussion will centre on the story of the shot, and the construction of it, and how paying attention to the details of on location problem solving can make or break the effort. Control of light, camera and exposure is paramount, and makes the post-production aspects of even these complex scenarios relatively simple.

From the first thought, or sketch, or treatment, to the final shot, the webinar will offer insight and candid discussion of what did go wrong, or right. Questions welcome!”

Joe McNally

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Comments (5)

You got the date wrong in your email ad. Should be 26th, instead of 16th

David Grover

Thanks for letting us know Matt, and apologies!

Steve Hurrell

I’d like to join the webinar on Wednesday 26th August 2020 please.

David Grover

Hi Steve,

Just click on the sign up link on this page. 🙂

lee krohn

Joe is amazing!

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