Image Editing

Five Photos | Five Edits

One of our most popular webinar formats is back!

Join us for an information packed hour, where we will take five various photos and edit them from start to finish in Capture One.

It’s a great way to see a variety of techniques strung together in a seamless edit.

Learn about:

  • Learn how to start editing a photo
  • What order (if any!) should you use editing tools in
  • See a variety of different photos and techniques

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One.

Comments (22)

Alan Harris

Please sign me up for the seminar this Thurs 2/18 at 5:30 CET.

Thanks for doing this and for the invite!


David Grover

Hi Alan. Hit the link above to sign up.

Alan Harris

What is the time of the two sessions? So far I have encountered 3 different times!!!!

David Grover

Hi Alan,

What time zone are you in? The two session times are 10:00 and 1730 Central European Time.

George Martin

Would like the latter session

David Grover

Hi George. Just hit the sign up link above.

Mike Collard

4.30 session please

David Grover

Hi Mike.

Just hit the sign up link above!

Jacob Sela

Wellcome back.

Chris Duzynski

Love C1Pro

Viyada Thongouthaithip

I always learn something new attending your webinar. Thank you.

dennis r sullivan

checking out how your system works

excited to learn more about capture one

Francisco José López Tenorio

Do I’ll need capture one to be in?

David Grover

No, you can just watch if you like!

Transferring from Lightroom and I am excited to learn from of the new tools offered by Capture One

I am looking forward to see you.

Jörn Benn

Great software, and your webinars help a lot, thank you! 🙂

Karsten Bundgaard

I want to erase my registration for the late seminar. I can´t find unsubscribe.
I have registeret at the early session instead.
Kind regards Karsten

David Grover

No need to Karsten. See you in the morning!

Bill Booth

Sun Dog is properly called Parhelion

Hans Müller

Gibt es diese Webinare auch in deutscher Sprache ?

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