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Capture One with Joe McNally

In this Webinar, David is very excited to be joined by Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally.

An editorial photographer of long standing, Joe is known for portraiture, fashion, commercial assignments and large production work.

Joe recently joined our ambassador program and is a recent convert to Capture One.

In this webinar, learn about :

✓ Capturing for the edit

Getting it right in camera is paramount, and that is Joe’s history. But the introduction of Capture One Pro to his workflow has opened a world of possibilities in the realm of editing.

The powerful, simple, tools of Capture One are allowing him to elevate the impact, color, and graphic nature of his images, while remaining completely true to the spirit and intent of the original capture.

✓ Editing tips in Capture One 20

Moving fast and efficiently to achieve an excellent result, and exporting in various formats for immediate use.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field.

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

Comments (16)

Richard Allender Sr.

Can’t wait

Torrance Wilkins

Thank you for letting me know.

Davide Zaghini

Good afternoon,

I’m an appassionate of photography, and one month ago I bought Capture One 20 Pro
I really like this Raw editor program.
I know Joe McNally and his spectacular works so I ewould like to take part of the 4 june event.

David Grover

Glad to hear it Davide! You can sign up by clicking the sign up link on this page.

Werner Morales


Don Carrick

Really looking forward to this webinar with Joe

Michael Kenny

Joe is great

Hans-Joacim Schmid

Sounds interesting…

Nino Gehrig



Hallo findet das Webinar in Deutscher Sprache statt?
Schade das Sie so wenig Hilfe in Deutsch anbieten ich kann leider kein Englisch!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Andreas Schilhab

David Grover

Hi Andreas,

This webinar is in English, I am afraid.

Toni Miranda

Interesado en el webinar

Dan Sheehan

I’m sure it will be another great event…thanks David

Wanted to attend this but the timing is bad for my time zone. Will the video be available to view at a later date for those who can’t watch live?

David Grover

Hi Keira,

Yes, it will be available on this page, later today.

Preston Turner

Love Joe’s work; interested to learn more about C1.

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