Utility/Asset Management

Batch editing tips

Capture One is not only a powerful single image editor it has powerful ways to help you manage and edit large batches of photos easily.

In this webinar, we will go through a typical workflow, highlighting ways to help you complete your tasks faster.

Learn about:

  • Speeding up Imports
  • Rating and culling techniques
  • Editing large batches of photos

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Comments (2)

Jim Murray

I think your Webinars and Capture One tutorials are excellent and invaluable, thanks very much.

A thought, (probably not new), about the Opacity slider that modifies individual layers.
Zoe brought it up in her Colour video. Would it be beneficial to have that slider work in the same manner as the Clarity and Structure sliders?
At the moment the Slider that affects the active layer only offers the possibility to reduce Opacity.
Would Plus/Minus from a Zero centre point be worthwhile?
I realize that you could preset the slider to 50%, (as suggested by Zoe), but a default Zero centred slider sounds better.
Does it make sense?

David Grover

It’s a great suggestion Jim.

Only is for non-linear adjustments, like Curves, it would be tricky to moderate.

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