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Organizing with Sessions

Following on from our webinar about organizing with Catalogs, it’s only natural to continue with Capture One’s unique and alternative method of organisation, Sessions.

Sessions are designed specifically for single work projects or ideal for a tethered shoot.

Sessions, could indeed be perfect for your workflow, so don’t miss out and sign up today.

✓ What’s in a default Session?
✓ Adding additional folders to Session structures
✓ Organising with Smart Albums
✓ Smart exporting with Tokens

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Comments (5)

Alexander L'Allemand

I’m using Capture One as my One and Only editor, just love how it works.

Hi really enjoying your webinars learning loads I’m running Capture One 20 Fujifilm on macOS 10.15.4. My external Lacie SSD is connected & work ok and showing in ‘FINDER’ but the problem is it is not showing in Capture One Folders in the Library Tab. If I eject it & plug it back in it still does not appear? Why is this?

Web Editor

The Capture One Software needs permission to access folders. To solve this problem it is advisable to uninsall then reinstall. Follow the steps in this guide https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002402377-How-to-uninstall-Capture-One
If you still have problems contact Capture One Support

Randy Becker

When will the recording of this webinar be posted? It’s now June 17 yet the webinar is still showing I can “sign up” for it. It occurred 6 days ago!

David Grover

Hi Randy,

It’s available just now!