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New Heal and Clone tools in Capture One 20

New Heal and Clone tools in Capture One’s latest update are both easier and faster to work with, while providing the high image quality that Capture One is known for.

Now there is no limitation on the number of heal points per layer, opening up exciting new possibilities for retouching and removing distracting objects, right within Capture One.

In this webinar, Join David for a tour of the new features and how best to apply them to your photos.

✓ Learn how the new heal and clone functionality works
✓ Look at common scenarios using Brush Flow and Opacity
✓ See how to apply it to your photos

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

Comments (18)

Juan Ramirez Santiago

Buenos días.
Me he descargado la versión 20.1, tengo problemas con las herramientas de clonación las dos.
Se me quedan marcadas en rojo y no me hace la coronación, ni la curación. Si me voy a la a la capa inicio si se ven corregidas.
No sé si es problema de mi ordenador o es problema de la actualización. A continuación les mando dos capturas de pantalla.
Dándole las gracias anticipadas y que me puedan solucionar dicho problema ya que me tiene muy agobiado.
Atentamente. Juan Ramirez.

/Users/juanramirezsantiago/Desktop/Captura de pantalla 2020-05-20 a las 12.29.16.jpg/Users/juanramirezsantiago/Desktop/Captura de pantalla 2020-05-20 a las 13.31.57.png

Chris Robinson

Excited for this

Stuart Schaefer

Wanted to see a comparison beeeen Lightroom and Capture One.

Roland Lundgren

I didn’t copy the ling so I am enter it one more time

David Rosser

What time is this on in the UK?

Trevor Reeves

Is the time MST or MDT for me.? There seems to be some confusion as the time is daylight savings in Europe but not here.?

Trevor Reeves

Entered wrong email last time

Pat West

I had to drop out of today’s Healing Webinar because the feed was constantly choppy or dropping out. Will it be available later today as a recording (without the problems)?
Pat West

Kerry Alexander

Yes, it’s published now.

Simon Fidler

Your email advised the webinar was at 17.00 CET. I am advised that CET is the same as BST.

I registered before 17.00 and then was advised it had ended. The page showed the webinar time as “16.00 BST”.

Kerry Alexander

Oops! So sorry you missed it. We will try harder to be clearer about our timings in future. Thanks for taking the time to raise the issue.


Due to work I missed the new healing brush webinar. Where can I watch a recording?

Kerry Alexander

Hopefully you have checked back on this page and have watched the recording

Mike Myers

Will all this work on my version of Capture One for Fujifilm?

Kerry Alexander

Yes, as long as you have the latest update.

Ewen Bell

Sitting her at my iMac doing a bunch of very high quality output using the new version of C1 and while I miss the old way of doing things, the new tools are absolutely amazingly good and I definitely one of my favourite updates. Thanks guys, great video too.

I have updated to Capture One 20. New heal and clone tools are very good however there are often times I am experiencing where I am missing the “feathering” or “refine” effect for these tools which now is not available. One example removing a dog collar from a dog. The heal tool works quickly however you are still able to see the outline of where it was removed. To be able to ‘feather’ or “refine” would make it look 100%. This is not only on hairy dog images. also on a few other images where the textures play a role.

David Grover

Hi Claire,

Have you tried using a softer brush when healing?