Utility/Asset Management, Workflows

Managing your photos on the road, and location

When you’re travelling for work or pleasure, managing your photo’s can often be a conundrum.

If you store your photos at the home, office or studio, how do you effectively manage, select and edit your photos on the road, and then safely integrate them into your main storage solution at home?

Sessions in Capture One are the ideal and simple solution for this. If you haven’t explored a Session workflow before, this is the Webinar to join!

It’s unique to Capture One and the perfect way to manage photos for all kinds of disciplines.

Learn about:

✓ Setting up a Session for managing photos on the road
✓ Organising with tags and ratings
✓ Using Smart Albums
✓ Importing Sessions into Catalogs


Length: 60:00 minutes

[03:20] – Making a Session
[05:05] – Importing Photos based on capture date
[14:28] – Adding Session Favourites
[17:33] – Selecting using color tags, ratings and smart albums
[29:38] – Exporting using Process Recipes
[45:35] – Importing the Session into a Catalog
[50:30] – Final Q&A

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