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Capturing HDR for Landscapes with Rachel Jones Ross

Join David with Photographer Rachel Jones Ross for an inside look into creating photos with Capture One’s new HDR merge tool.

Whilst originally skeptical, knowing that her Sony cameras already capture an impressive amount of dynamic range, Rachel was amazed when a series of photographs she had been struggling with blending manually, seamlessly and effortlessly came together with the HDR Merge tool in Capture One 22.

“In this series of ice cave images from Iceland. I remember feeling very excited about the images while I was shooting but when I opened the files on my computer, I was quite disappointed. The dynamic range of the images made them very difficult to process. I did manage to edit two of the shots with my manual blending technique, but it was a lengthy and frustrating process. I was beyond impressed to find Capture One could seamlessly blend as few as two images.”

In joining, you’ll learn about:

  • How to photograph for HDR
  • Editing techniques for higher dynamic range

Rachel also shared her experiences in this blog post

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