Getting the most out of Layers

Layers are a powerful and exciting way to add an extra dimension to your photo editing. Even though Capture One’s suite of tools offer precision editing, on occasion its necessary to target your edits with a little more finesse, by drawing a mask.

Also, using Layers allows you to dig into more advanced techniques like dodging and burning and very specific color and skin tone edits.

Join David once again for a lively and interactive webinar.

✓ Learn different ways to draw masks
✓ Use brush dynamics (like Flow) effectively
✓ Use Layers to expand the versatility of Capture One’s tools

Length: 60:00 minutes

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

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Iam Waiting for d session


I will be online from India.

Thomas Steidle

Hi All,

just let you know that there might be some problems with the registration. I try since yesterday to sign up the webinar. However even more than 3 times it didn’t work. The same this morning.

Kind Regards

Thomas Steidle

Thomas Steidle

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I tried now several times to sign up for the webinar “getting most out of layers” on April 16th, 2020 as I did for the other webinars on April 2nd. and 30th too. However I got registration information by Capture One for April 2nd and 30th but not for the webinar on April 16th, 2020. I don’t now why but it seems that the registration process is not working as the masque for the registration get cleared up and is goin to be blanc and no registration seems to be sent to Capture One. May be some one can have a look if this is a sigle problem or if this affects other participants too.

Kind regards

Thomas Steidle

Peter Friedrich

10:30 please

Still waiting for CO20 to add the “voice memo” function so that to hear the audio file recored to the raw data to a file, in my camera.
In addition, it would be great to add a function to open more than one file in Photoshop, both as “layers, and/or “merge to panorama” and/or “merge hdr”, Thanks.

Thomas R Hutchison

I signed up before I realized it was 1:30 AM, i.e. the middle of the night here in Oregon, USA. It would be great if I could watch a recording at a more decent hour.

Peter Houghton

You can watch recordings at any time – you can only watch live at the start time…


Bob Adler

Signed up but missed. Can you please tell me what time I could have watched out in California. I think 0100?
Also, will this webinar be available to view in the learning hub? If so, about when do you think it will be available?
Thanks very much,

Peter Houghton

All available here and on Youtube

peter zachara

I just watched this webinar today (April 16th) and I wonder when it will be added to the learning hub for reference.

Elliot Puritz

David’s Webinars are simply the best available.

Pranab Banerjee

Is capture one pro trial version supports in android tablets?If not what needs to be done please suggest me.Thsnk you,God bless you