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Get organized with Capture One

Organizing your Capture One catalog of photos is probably one of those less exciting tasks that many of us don’t devote time to.

A well organized photo library is a delight, as it simply means you can locate that elusive photo quickly and easily, and know that your photos are safe, and most importantly backed up.

Capture One has many ways to help you organize your collections, from virtual collections like Projects, Groups and Albums to working just in system folders. Adding Keywords into the mix adds another way to identify your photos.

Join us in this interactive webinar to get in front of your mountain of photos and get organized!

✓ Setting up your Catalog for success
✓ Using virtual collections to organise your photos
✓ Adding keywords and metadata quickly and easily

Length: 60:00 minutes

Download a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.

Comments (9)


I want to learn from basics.

Salvador Parent

why not in spanish

Mihai Musceleanu

Good luck!

Giuseppe Secchi

Please, you could not do the tutorials even in the Italian language, thanks
A person who hasn’t had a chance to learn the English language is cut off, and believe me it’s a mess

Bryan Moberly

Hi David,

I have been enjoying your tutorials on Capture One and would like to ask a question if I may. I am not sure if this will be included in the webinar or if you could address it directly.

When I am shooting tethered to CaptureOne 20 my saved metadata is not written to the raw file as it imports into CaptureOne. I do have it set up within the camera tool pane > with next capture adjustments > styles > user presets > Metadata > “my saved metadata info”. If it matters, I shoot with the IQ4 digital back on XF body as well as on a technical camera using the electronic shutter & I also use shoot with a Canon 5Ds.

Can you please refer me to any tutorials you have already covered extensively with metadata and managing it? Or shed some light as to what the “user error” I may be missing? I have always had difficulty managing metadata to be applied to my file which I need to have my information attached to my images through the whole process from capture to delivery to my clients. I want to insure my copyright and contact information travels with my files wherever they end up.

Thanks so much for your time!
Stay Healthy!

Arnie Battaglene

thank you

Geoff Grant

Will this be available after the date on line? Its very early on EDT!

Don MacQueen

Your web page, https://learn.captureone.com/webinars/get-organized-with-capture-one/ , gives the date of the webinar as 30 April (today) but does not give a time. So I can’t tell if it already happened. The time should always be included.

None the less, I tried registering. I eventually received a registration email, and in it the date was give as 27 March (a month ago). So which is it??? And why would you even offer registration for a month-old webinar? This makes no sense.

Thank you for very useful and easy to understand webinars. Couldn’t watch it live, unfortunately, but I’ve got a question. I’ve seen many C1 videos, and there are no image counts on some folders (only on subfolders, that contain images, for sure), but in my case I have image counts on every folder (zero, zero, zero and so on), that is included in folder structure. Is that a bug or that can be changed (C1 20, Windows version)?
Kind regards, Dan