Image Editing

End-to-end photo editing

In the recent weeks running up to this webinar we put it to you on Facebook to vote what subject you would like to learn about.

End-to-end photo editing was the winner!

Therefore, in this webinar we will take a look at five photos that require different treatments and approaches, and take them through an editing process in Capture One.

Learn about:

✓ Several different tools working together
✓ What first steps to take with a photo
✓ Working quickly and efficiently
✓ Using layers for precise edits
✓ What not to do!


Length: 60:00 minutes

[02:40] – 1st photo edit – Keystone, Levels, Color & Clarity
[16:20] – 2nd photo edit – Local lightening & color grading
[30:00] – 3rd photo edit – Black & White, local adjustments, radial gradient
[43:29] – 4th photo edit – Skin tone correction
[54:45] – 5th photo edit – White balance, linear gradient

Download Capture One Express or a 30-day trial of Capture One Pro.