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End-to-end Editing Part 2

One of our most popular webinar formats is back!

Any photo can require different treatments and approaches, so let’s take them through an editing process in Capture One.

It’s a great way to see a variety of techniques strung together using a collection of tools in Capture One.

Don’t forget all our webinars are interactive, so join in, chat with your peers and ask questions in the live Q & A.

✓ How to start editing a photo and why?
✓ What are the different ways to affect tone and contrast?
✓ How can Layers be used to their best?
✓ Editing efficiently


Length: 60:00 minutes

[03:45] – First image edit | Local Structure, color edits
[22:50] – Second image edit | Skin tone correction
[37:45] – Third image edit | Local shadow control, color edits
[43:30] – Fourth image edit | Luminosity masking, color edits
[51:40] – Quick round trip to Photoshop
[55:22] – Fifth image edit | Basic edits, Heal layer
[1:01:00] – Summary and final Q&A

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