Color Editing, Image Editing, Layers, Skin Tone

Color Editor Master Class

Capture One Pro 11

Learn how to:

✓ Precisely select target ranges for specific colors
✓ Apply changes to specific colors
✓ Use the Color Editor on Layers
✓ Create masked Layers from color selections


Length: 60 minutes

David Grover teams up with his colleague Alexander Flemming to give you a Master Class about the Color Editor.

Webinar content:

[02:00] Mechanics of the Advanced Color Editor – fine-tuning your target range
[11:30] Single target range – Changing greens to yellows
[17:10] Multiple target ranges – Adjusting grass and sky
[20:10] Using the Color Editor on layers
[22:20] Drastically changing colors – pink to blue
[28:10] Adding two layers with Color Edit adjustments
[32:00] Creating a masked layer from a color selection
[36:00] Refining a mask (learn more about masking in our tutorial, Advanced Layer Masks)
[42:30] The Basic part of the Color Editor
[43:30] Mechanics of the Skin Tone Tool
[46:00] Skin Tone Tool on a portrait image
[55:15] Different types of Saturation control

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