Color Editing, Image Editing, Layers, Presets & Styles

City, Travel and Landscape Editing

There are many challenges faced by the travel and landscape photographer, for example, changing or suboptimal lighting conditions.

What techniques are there in Capture One to optimise any image, and rescue those which you thought were beyond help?  This Webinar will look at the use of simple adjustment tools combined with more powerful local adjustments.

Learn about:

✓ Basic techniques for editing landscape and city images
✓ Using local adjustments for tricky lighting conditions
✓ Color grading, color editing and more!


Length: 60:00 minutes

[03:30] – Overview
[04:25] – First photo edit – Emily Teague |Gradient Masks | Clarity | Structure
[17:40] – Second photo edit – Russell Ord | Contrast | High Dynamic Range | Skin Tone Tool for Colour equalising
[30:00] – Third photo edit – Levels | Local Adjustments | Style Layers
[44:54] – Fourth photo edit – John Wildgoose | Rotation | Simple object removal | Output Levels
[54:28] – Fifth photo edit – John Wildgoose | Gradient Masks
[58:48] – Final photo edit – Dehaze

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