Import, Utility/Asset Management

Catalogs & Sessions

Capture One Pro 11

Learn how to:

✓ Differentiate between Catalogs and Sessions
✓ Choose the best choice for different scenarios
✓ Implement both Catalogs and Sessions in a joint workflow


Length: 68 minutes (webinar)

[01:32] Description of Catalogs and Sessions

[07:20] Creating a New Catalog
[08:39] Importing Images
[12:50] Setting the right Preview Size for your Display

[14:29] Using the Folders area in the Library tool

[20:15] Catalog Collections in the Library Tool
[23:45] Organising with User Collections

[36:00] Creating a New Session
[37:15] Default parts of a Session
[39:30] Importing into a Session using the Finder / Explorer
[41:30] Creating additional folders in the Session structure
[44:05] Explanation of Favourites
[48:15] Browsing your file system within a Session

[50:25] Exporting with Process Recipes using Tokens
[54:25] Explanation of the “CaptureOne” subfolder
[55:40] Explanation of the “EIP” file format

[59:50] Importing your Sessions into a Master Catalog

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