Image Editing

Appetising vs Correct Color with Rachel Korinek

Food photography is bursting with colour.

Our job as photographers is to capture and edit color to be appetizing. In this webinar, food photographer Rachel Korinek and Capture One’s David Grover will explore appetizing vs. ‘correct color’ as we search for the best edits to enhance colors in food.

From bold to desaturated colors, we’ll uncover how to edit the color ranges in a number of color foods – from stewed rhubarb to chocolate cake.

The webinar will teach you which tools to use when editing food photography, guide you in working with different workflows, and explore new ways to think about editing color.

We’ll also explore how to:

  • Manage bold colors
  • Optimize color to build appetite
  • Desaturate colors to bring out their beauty
  • Create analogous colors

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