capture one webinar Eric Ronald wedding

Wedding workflow with Eric Ronald

Length: 60:00 minutesWhat does the workflow of a wedding photographer look like? Join David and Capture One Ambassador, Eric Ronald, for an exclusive look at what goes into shooting and editing destination weddings. Bring your questions for the live Q&A! Eric Ronald
capture one webinar offline photos

Working with Offline Photos

Length: 60:00 minutesSince their introduction in Capture One 7, catalogs have provided an effective solution for working with large sets of images with a relatively tiny data footprint and centralized file structure. This is done by caching the preview files within the
capture one webinar Tina Eisen fashion week

Fashion week with Tina Eisen

Length: 60:00 minutesBefore the pandemic, Tina Eisen was covering Copenhagen Fashion Week and New York City Fashion Week. She had also covered London Fashion Week, covering the Sibling show while dividing her time as a speaker for Canon.
capture one webinar editing holiday photos

5 Tips for Holiday Edits

Length: 60:00 minutesJuly and August for many of us, is a time for travel, exploring and new experiences. How can you best perfect your travel photos?
capture one webinar Joe mcnally

Deadlines and Delivery: The Tokyo Games

Length: 60:00 minutesJoin David with Capture One Ambassador, Joe McNally. Joe recently returned from Tokyo tasked with covering the Olympics for ZUMA press agency. Learn how the speed and quality of Capture One helped Joe deliver his spectacular imagery to the agency
capture one webinar Jan Wischermann

Editorial Workflow with Jan Wischermann

Length: 60:00 minutesRetouch artist and Capture One Ambassador Jan Wischermann takes the audience behind the scenes of an exclusive fashion editorial for ELLE magazine.
capture one webinar from raw to wow 2

From RAW to WOW!

Length: 60:00 minutesHow do you transform an image from RAW to WOW? In this live session, we'll take you back to the basics and show you some simple editing techniques to making your photos shine in Capture One
capture one webinar workflow tips and tricks

Workflow Tips & Tricks

Length: 60:00 minutesWant to learn how to get more out of your workflow? Join us for our live session on workflow tips & tricks!
capture one webinar one photo four edits

One Photo – Four Ways

Length: 60:00 minutesAre you interested in expanding your edits? Join us for our live session where we apply four different editing styles to one photo
capture one webinar four photos four edits

Four Photos – Four Edits

Length: 60:00 minutesFour photos - four edits is back! Join us for an hour of action packed editing in Capture One.
capture one webinar color grading

Color Grading your Photos

Length: 60:00 minutesJoin us for a live session on everything color! In this webinar, we'll take you through the basics of the Capture One Color Balance tool and the various ways you can use it to enhance your photographs.
capture one webinar about sessions

Working with Sessions

Length: 60:00 minutesWant to learn more about Sessions and how to integrate them into your workflow? Join David for an in-depth look at another method of asset management in Capture One and how it can improve the way you work.
capture one webinar master catalog organisation

Master Catalog Organisation

Length: 60:00 minutesCapture One has many ways to import, organise and filter your photos. In this Webinar we will take a detailed look at creating and organising your Capture One Catalog
capture one webinar editing portraits

Editing your Portraits

Length: 60:00 minutesDiscover new techniques for editing your portraits. Join us for our live webinar as we take you through portrait edits from our community
capture one webinar editing travel and street

Editing Travel and Street

Length: 60:00 minutesThere are many challenges faced by the travel and street photographer, for example, changing or suboptimal lighting conditions. What techniques are there in Capture One to optimise any image, and rescue those which you thought were beyond help?
capture one webinar advance your landscape edits

Advancing your Landscape Edits

Length: 60:00 minutesThere are many tools at your disposal in Capture One to edit your landscape photos with. But what tools make sense and when? How does Exposure differ from Brightness? Should I use Contrast or a Luma Curve? What do the
capture one webinar five photos five edits

Five Photos | Five Edits

Length: 60:00 minutesOne of our most popular webinar formats is back! Join us for an information packed hour, where we will take five various photos and edit them from start to finish in Capture One. It's a great way to see a
capture one webinar batch editing tips

Batch editing tips

Length: 60:00 minutesCapture One is not only a powerful single image editor it has powerful ways to help you manage and edit large batches of photos easily. In this webinar, we will go through a typical workflow, highlighting ways to help you
capture one webinar get the most out of layers

Get the most out of Layers

Length: 60:00 minutesEven though Capture One’s suite of tools offer precision editing, on occasion its necessary to target your edits with a little more finesse, by drawing a mask.
Capture One Webinar all things color

All things color!

Length: 60:00 minutesCapture One has a host of tools to edit color or color grade your shots to your taste. Learn how to get control of your colors
New to Capture One 21? <br> Hit the ground running!

New to Capture One 21?
Hit the ground running!

Length: 60:00 minutesIf you’ve just started using Capture One or in the midst of your trial, join this live and interactive session to help you nail those important first steps.
capture one photo editor webinar with flex kunze

Lighting and editing secrets with Felix Kunze

Length: 60:00 minutesFelix Kunze is a portrait photographer based in New York. His goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. Join Felix and David to learn about Felix's lighting and editing secrets
capture one raw converter photo editor webinar Joe McNally

Impossible photos with Joe McNally

Length: 60:00 minutesDavid and Joe discuss the process behind Joe's work.
capture one photo editor webinar with Phil Penman

Capture One with Phil Penman

Length: 60:00 minutesUK-born, NY-based photographer Phil Penman has documented the rapid flux of New York City's streets for over 25 years. Join David and Phil to see how he edits his photos in Capture One.
capture one raw photo editor tethered capture workflow webinar

Improve your tethered workflow

Length: 60:00 minutesTethered capture (connecting to your computer and capturing directly to Capture One) is a perfect tool for working collaboratively in the studio, and seeing how your shot develops.
capture one webinar self portrait with Tina Eisen

Self-portrait workflow with Tina Eisen

Length: 60:00 minutesSearching for ways to creatively express herself during lockdown and unable to shoot models our ambassador Tina Eisen has been working on a self portrait macro project the past few weeks.
capture one raw photo editor webinar for fujifilm

Work with Capture One Fujifilm like a pro!

Length: 60:00 minutesFollowing on from our previous Fujifilm webinar, this session is designed for you. Now you have a grasp of the basics. Take your usage of Capture One to the next level!
Getting started with Capture One Fujifilm

Getting started with Capture One Fujifilm

Length: 60:00 minutesIn this introductory webinar, we will make sure you know exactly how to get started, and in turn hit the ground running with Capture One Fujifilm and why you should try it out.
Joe McNally capture one webinar

Capture One with Joe McNally

Length: 60:00 minutesIn this Webinar, David is very excited to be joined by Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally. An editorial photographer of long standing, Joe is known for portraiture, fashion, commercial assignments and large production work.
capture one raw photo editor webinar shoot tethered with the Fujifilm X-T4

Shooting and Editing with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One

Length: 60:00 minutesJoin Fujifilm X Photographer, Wayne Johns and David Grover from Capture One to see a complete shoot to edit workflow with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Capture One.
Learn how to optimise nightscape photography in capture one 2

Nightscapes with Rachel Jones Ross

Length: 90:00 minutesDavid is joined by Rachel Jones Ross of Astralis Photography, to learn how to capture and edit magical nightscapes.
capture one raw photo editor webinar editing with Reverie styles Lukas Piatek

Editing with Reverie Styles with Lukas Piatek

Length: 60:00 minutesLOOKSLIKEFILM founder, Lukas Piatek, will join David in a informative and interactive webinar to show you how to get the best out of Reverie Styles on your photos.
capture one raw photo editor webinar editing with mastin lab styles fujicolor

Editing with Mastin Labs

Length: 60:00 minutesMastin Labs have now released their second pack for Capture One, Fujicolor Original. Join this interactive webinar to show you how to get the best out of Fujicolor Original Styles for Capture One.