Utility/Asset Management

Rating and tagging

Capture One Pro 11

Learn how to:

✓ Apply ratings and color tags
✓ Utilize Sets for selecting the best images
✓ Sort images using Filters and Smart Albums


Applying ratings and color tags

Images in Capture One can be tagged with a color and /or a rating. What each color and rating represent is completely up to you. Tagging and rating images make it a lot easier to navigate large collections of images.


Images can be rated in different ways:

  • The five dots under the image in the browser and in the viewer represent an empty rating. Click one of the dots to change the rating of the image.
  • Select the image, or images, you wish to apply a rating to.
    • Right click on an image and go to ‘Rating’. Select the rating you wish to apply.
    • Hit a number key on your keyboard [0-5] to apply the corresponding rating.

Color tagging

Color tags can be applied in different ways:

  • The empty square under the image in the browser and in the viewer indicates that the image has no color tag. Click it and select one of the available colors.
  • Select the image, or images, you wish to apply a color tag to.
    • Right click on an image and go to ‘Color Tag’. Select the color tag you wish to apply.
    • There are two default keyboard shortcuts for applying color tags; green [+] and red [-].*

* Additional keyboard shortcuts can be set by going to ‘Edit Keyboard Shortcuts…’

Using Sets to find the best images

With your images selected, the default shortcut for viewing the next set is [ALT + right arrow key]. This makes it easy to navigate and evaluate images by comparing them. Navigating using the arrow keys alone lets you select individual images within your selection in order to rate or color tag them.

Filtering and sorting images

Filtering images can be done in many different ways. This tutorial will cover the Filters Tool and Smart Albums.

Filters Tool

Within the Library Tab, the Filters Tool is located. This tool lets you filter on the images in your current collection (folder, album or favorite).

Enable any filter by clicking it. If you need to filter on more than one criteria, hold down CMD or CTRL and click another filter.

In the tool sub-menu, you can decide if the results should match all criteria. For example, if you click the green color tag and five stars filters, enabling this will show images with both a green color tag and a five-star rating. Disabling this will show images with either a green color tag or a five-star rating.

Filtering applied from this tool will be active in the current collection until it’s removed again.

To clear your current filters, click the ‘x’ icon to the right of the “Search” field.

Smart Albums

Filtering through all images added to a Session or Catalog, Smart Albums are dynamically updating albums, allowing a quick shortcut to pre-defined search criteria. You can, for example, have a Smart Album containing all images with a five-star rating and a green color tag. Any image that matches these criteria will automatically be shown in the Smart Album.

Add a new Smart Album by clicking the plus-icon and selecting Smart Album. Give it a name and add as many criteria as your workflow requires using the plus-icon.

Smart Albums are saved in the Session or Catalog, and will include images matching the criteria, which are already added to the Session or Catalog. This includes Session Folders, Session Favorites and Albums.

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