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Healing and Cloning

Use dedicated heal and clone brushes to help retouch photos and remove unwanted objects and artefacts.

Two dedicated brushes are available for healing and cloning.
The heal brush is ideal for spotting, retouching and removing unwanted objects, whilst the clone brush simply copies pixels from one area to another.

Learn how to:

  • Heal areas to remove spots and retouch
  • Remove unwanted objects and artefacts
  • Use layer Opacity and brush flow for advanced techniques

Comments (10)

I own a Canon 80D DSLR and I am wondering if this application has a raw file editor for it.

Kerry Alexander

Hello Bob, here is our list of supported Canon cameras :
You can see the full list here:

Sonja Carree

To whom it may concern .. I am using the older version of light room 6.12 .. It seems to be down grading on me …I am not a pro with light room but know my images could surpass the look of what they are now .. I am looking for a software that will work similar to light room but does a better job … Will your capture one be easy enough to use and user friendly and still do the job for portrait editing and landscapes photography .. There are a lot of editing soft ware out there but yours has caught my eye … and what do i need to know to make this work for me for editing … Looking for ward to hearing from you !! Thank you , Yours sincerely Sonja ..

Kerry Alexander

Hello Sonja
It’s really hard to say if you will find Capture One easy and user friendly but we hope so and are providing users with everything they need to learn quickly. See our new get started page.

We have a lot of learning material on this url to help and inspire you and you can always contact our support team.

Take a free trial and see what you think.

Angela Sweeney

The screen is black for the tutorial and I would love to know about this please help

Robert van Deudekom

My delete /backspace is not deleting my source points when healing and cloning. Is there something in my settings I need to change?

David Grover

Hi Robert,

It should be default behaviour. Make a support case at so we can look into it.

Josiah B

I’m running into the same issue as Robert. Windows 10 laptop, and can’t delete source points. Backspace does nothing. I tried hitting delete, and it deleted the entire image from the library.

David Grover

Hi Josiah,

Please reach out to so we can take a look.

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