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Daniel Sroka

Does the “before” view only show the pre-edited version of the photo, or can you set it to amy stage of your editing?

David Grover

Hi Daniel,

It’s only the unedited state.

Alberto Conti

I can’t find the command before and after
not even in the customize toolbar screen
can you help me?
I purchased the license a month ago

I have the same problem

David Grover

Hi Alberto,

You need to first update Capture One to the latest release.


I have a Capture One (Sony) and after running my updates I still don’t have the Before / After option – can you help me install the update?

Many thanks,


David Grover

Hi Hugh,

Go to Window>Workspace and reset it to default.

Sven Svensson

I can’t find the command before and after
not even in the customize toolbar screen
can you help me?
Tryed to reinstall the update but not any change still not any “before and after” button.


David Grover

Hi Sven,

Are you sure you have the update installed? Otherwise check in Edit>Edit Keyboard Shortcuts and check what shortcut is assigned. You can also Go to the Window menu and reset the workspace to default.

Brad Buckman

Just updated to 20.0.4 on Windows 10 Pro, likewise no sign of Before/After feature. No response to ‘Y’, search for “before” in Keyboard Shortcuts shows no results, resetting workspace to default did not help either. Appreciate your help,

– Brad

Kerry Alexander

Hello, 20.0.4 is the previous release (13.1). Login to find the latest release

The before and after function needs the ability to rotate the splitting plane slider by 360 degrees by rotating the splitting plane axis., rather than limiting it to the left and right perpendicular axis. Even the baby step of a horizontal choice would be helpful while your great programmers are having fun with this challenge. You’re almost there. Thanks in advance!

The tool doesn’t fully work as expected. I’ve the button but there is no way of having the vertical sliding line, so I can just switch between before and after for the whole image.
I’ve Capture One Express for Fujifilm, build (e36fffc), with all settings reset to default and installed on Windows 10 Pro, version 1903, build 18362.836.

Kerry Alexander

In Capture One Express versions the before\after view is only the full view, not the slider.
You can read more about the differences between Pro and Express here: