Utility/Asset Management

Activating Capture One

Capture One Pro 11

Learn how to:

✓ Activate your Capture One license
✓ Move your license to another computer
✓ Switch to another run-mode of Capture One


  • Start Capture One.
  • Select the version of Capture One for your license code and click Activate.

Selecting your Capture One 11 product

  • Enter your license code. The code needs to be linked to a Phase One profile.*

  • If you already have a Phase One profile, enter your e-mail address. Click Get Profile and enter your password.
  • If you don’t have a profile, enter your e-mail address to create a new profile. Click Get Profile and enter your information.

  • After logging in or creating a new profile, click Activate. Your Capture One is now activated.
  • Your license code will be visible within Software License, when logging into My Pages on the Phase One website.

*For manual activation, please see our help site.


If you have reached the maximum amount of activations for your license code, and you need to move a license to another machine, you first need to deactivate it from one of the activated machines. This can be done either from within Capture One or from the Phase One website.

If you need to change to another run-mode of Capture One, for example from Capture One DB or Capture One Sony to Capture One Pro, you also need to deactivate your license.

Deactivating from within Capture One

  • To deactivate from within Capture One, go to:
    Mac: Capture One 11 > License…
    Windows: Help > License…
  • Click Deactivate.

Deactivating from the Phase One website

  • Log in to My Pages from phaseone.com/mypages
  • Go to Software License.
  • Locate the license code you wish to deactivate.

  • Go to Activation History.
  • Reset one machine at a time, or all activations for the license code.