capture one styles tutorial using styles

Using Styles

Length: 3:45 minutes (tutorial)

Styles are a great way to add a predefined look to your photos, or give you a starting point to adjust further. Learn how to apply them and then add your own adjustments.
screen shot of capture one activation

Activating Capture One Express

Length: 01:00 minute (tutorial)

Learn how to activate Capture One Express to use it for as long as you wish.  Also, see how to switch to Capture One Pro to run the 30 day trial or activate a Pro licence.
Shoot and style a naked cake with capture one

How to style, shoot and edit a naked cake with Capture One

Length: 3:56

Michaela Hartwig of Tortchenherzog takes us through styling, shooting and editing a naked cake using Capture One
Learn Capture One Express in 7 minutes

Capture One Express in 7 minutes

Length: 7:00 minutes

Learn all you need to start editing your photos in Capture One Express. Let Capture One Auto Adjust for you, or use the simple but powerful tools to take control.
Importing a Lightroom catalog

Importing a Lightroom catalog

Length: 02:15 minutes

Import your Lightroom catalog to Capture One or learn how to make a smaller catalog to import.
Capture One Color Balance

Color Balance

Length: 4:00 minutes

Color grade using the Color Balance Tool and apply to Layers for optimal flexibility.
Capture One batch rename

Batch renaming

Length: 2:45 minutes

Learn how to batch rename images using two different methods matching any workflow.
Customizing shortcuts

Customizing shortcuts

Length: 1:47 minutes

Learn how to customize the extensive set of keyboard shortcuts available in Capture One.
Capture One activating

Activating and deactivating

Length: 2:30 minutes

Learn how to quickly activate your Capture One license as well as how to deactivate a license.
Advanced Masking

Advanced Masking

Length: 6 minutes

Learn different techniques for high-end masking such as dodge & burn and auto-masking.
Capture One 12 Skin Tone Tool

Perfecting skin tones

Length: 4:00 minutes

Learn how the Skin Tone Tool can help you easily fine-tune and even out skin tones.
Capture One 12 interface

Interface Explained

Length: 4 minutes

Get familiar with the interface. Learn how to navigate, find the tools you need and use the sliders efficiently.
Creating a Catalog

Creating a Catalog

Length: 4 minutes

Learn how Catalogs work and how you can build your own. Use Groups and Albums to organize your images.
Capture One 12 Essential Adjustments

Essential Adjustments

Length: 5:30 minutes

Get started with the most basic adjustments of image editing. Learn about white balance, exposure, crop and much more.
Capture One 12 exporting

Exporting Images

Length: 2:30 minutes

Get started with exporting in Capture One. Learn how to export to JPG, TIFF and PSD. Control the size, location and more.
Capture One 12 customizing interface workspace

Customizing the Interface

Length: 2:40 minutes

Learn how to build your own workspace. Add custom tool tabs, and remove tools you rarely use.
Capture One Layers

Introduction to Layers

Length: 6:40 minutes

Learn how Layers work, how to create them, and how to mask them. Apply adjustments locally.
Capture One 12 color editor

Color Editor

Length: 7:30 minutes

Learn how to adjust colors using the Color Editor. Apply to Layers and create masks from color selections.
Capture One Radial

Radial and Linear Gradients

Length: 4 minutes

Learn about Radial and Linear Gradients on Layers. Use modifier keys to improve the workflow and flexibility.
Capture One 12 Luminosity Mask

Luminosity Masking

Length: 5:30 minutes

Learn how to create and modify luminosity masks using the powerful and flexible Luma Range tool.
Capture One portrait black white

Black & White Portrait

Length: 2:30 minutes

Learn how to convert to black & white, and control the contrast of your portrait. Brighten eyes using Layers.
Capture One Color Balance

Easy Color Grading

Length: 3:10 minutes

Learn how to edit this image with an easy color grading. Export with optimal resolution and sharpness for Instagram.
Capture One Architecture

Architecture Color Grade

Length: 2:30 minutes

Learn how to quickly improve your architecture images with contrast control and creative color grading.
Capture One Print

Optimizing Export for Print

Length: 4:10 minutes

Learn how to optimize your Process Recipes to obtain perfect print quality. Take full control of dimensions and sharpness.
Capture One Tethered

Basic Tethered Capture

Length: 1:15

Learn more about what tethered capture is, and how you can use it in your workflow.
Capture One Tethered

Advanced Tethered Capture

Length: 3:00 minutes

Improve your tethered workflow. Create additional Capture Folders to organize your shoot and create Templates for future shoots.
Capture One Live View

Live View

Length: 1:20 minutes

Learn how to use Live View when shooting tethered in Capture One. An essential tool for still-life photography.
Capture One Capture Pilot

Capture Pilot

Length: 1:50 minutes

Learn how to set up Capture Pilot and use it as a remote control for your tethered camera or as a wireless monitor to view and tag images.
Capture One Presets Styles

Presets & Styles

Length: 5:26 minutes

Learn how to work with Styles and Presets. Create, import, apply as Layers or directly when shooting tethered.
Activating Capture One

Activating Capture One

Length: 2 minutes reading time

Learn how to easily activate or reset your Capture One license.
Capture One Annotations


Length: 1:42 minutes

Annotations let you draw directly on your images. Hide or include Annotations as a separate layer when exporting.
Capture One Advanced Exporting

Advanced Exporting

Length: 6:07 minutes

Learn how Process Recipes can speed up your exporting workflow and leave you time to do more important things.
Capture One Interface

Interface Explained

Length: 3:22 minutes

Get started with the interface of Capture One. Learn how to navigate, create floating tools and more.
Capture One import catalog

Creating a Catalog

Length: 3:36 minutes

Get started with creating a Catalog. Learn how to import and manage images in your Catalog.
Capture One essential adjustments

Essential Adjustments

Length: 4:42 minutes

Get started with the most basic adjustments of image editing. Learn how to use white balance, exposure, crop and much more.
Capture One export


Length: 1:31 minutes

Get started with exporting in Capture One. Learn how to export to JPG, TIFF and PSD. Control the size, location and more.
Layers Capture One


Length: 4:10 minutes

Learn how to create Layers, add masks and apply adjustments. Remove objects using Heal and Clone Layers.
Capture One Rating Tagging Filters

Rating and tagging

Length: 6:20 minutes

Learn how to apply ratings and color tags. Filter your images and create Albums based on ratings and tags.
Advanced Layer Masking

Advanced Layer Masking

Length: 6:40 minutes

Learn advanced techniques for masking on Layers. Invert, feather, and refine masks for full control.
Capture One Color Editor

The Color Editor

Length: 5:17 minutes

Learn how to adjust colors using the Color Editor. Apply to Layers and create masks from color selections.
Color Balance Capture One

Color Balance

Length: 3:30 minutes

Learn how to color grade and correct color casts using the Color Balance Tool.