Tool Introductions

Tool Introduction - Recipe proofing

Introduction to Recipe Proofing

Length: 01:05Preview how the exported image will look in terms of final size, sharpness and colors. Based on the selected Process Recipe.
Tool Introduction - Exposure Warnings

Introduction to Exposure Warnings

Length: 01:00Shows a warning over the areas where the image is considered over or underexposed.
Tool Introduction - Edit & Select

Introduction to Edit all Selected

Length: 01:14Controls whether all selected photos should be adjusted or only the Primary selected variant.
Tool Introduction - Auto Adjustment

Introduction to Auto Adjust

Length: 0:43The Adjustments Clipboard is one of Capture One's most versatile and powerful tools allowing to select particular adjustments from various tools as well as Layers to be copied to other images.
Magic Brush Tool Introduction

Introduction to Magic Brush

Length: 02:24Make complex masks in a split-second, so you can accurately focus your edits on any area of your photo. Simply doodle over the area you wish to mask using the Magic Brush – and Capture One fills in the rest
Tool Introduction - Focus Mask

Introduction to Focus Mask

Length: 01:07Activates a mask over the areas where the image is sharp and considered in focus.
Tool Introduction - Copy & Apply

Introduction to Copy & Apply

Length: 01:28Open the Adjustments Clipboard tool to control which adjustments you want to be copied from one photo to another.
Tool Introduction - Overlay Tool

Introduction to Overlay Tool

Length: 01:02Toggles the view of an added Overlay on and off.
Tool Introduction - Before and After Tool

Introduction to Before and After Tool

Length: 0:36Compare your photo before any adjustments have been made, to the current editing state.
Draw Cloning Mask

Introduction to the Draw Cloning Mask Cursor

Length: 0:49Get started with using the Draw Cloning Mask Cursor of Capture One.
Draw Healing Mask

Introduction to the Draw Healing Mask Cursor

Length: 0:44Get started with using the Draw Healing Mask Cursor of Capture One.
Color Editor

Introduction to the Color Editor

Length: 1:04Get started with using the Color Editor of Capture One.
Styles and Presets

Introduction to Styles and Presets

Length: 1:12Get started with using the Styles and Presets of Capture One.
Library Tool

Introduction to the Library Tool

Length: 1:27Get started with using the Library Tool of Capture One.

Introduction to Levels

Length: 0:40Get started with using the Levels Tool of Capture One.

Introduction to High Dynamic Range

Length: 0:41Get started with using the High Dynamic Range Tool of Capture One.

Introduction to Crop

Length: 0:51Get started with using the Crop Tool of Capture One.

Introduction to Clarity

Length: 0:37Get started with using the Clarity Tool of Capture One.
Adjustments Clipboard

Introduction to the Adjustments Clipboard

Length: 0:57Get started with using the Adjustments Clipboard of Capture One.
Draw Mask

Introduction to the Draw Mask Cursor

Length: 1:09Get started with using the Draw Mask Cursor of Capture One.
Pan Mask

Introduction to the Pan Cursor

Length: 0:33Get started with using the Pan Cursor of Capture One.

Introduction to Exposure

Length: 1:10Get started with using the Exposure Tool of Capture One.