Switching to Capture One Pro

For the past 6 months, I’ve been using Capture One Pro by Phase One as my RAW converter and image editing software. In this article, I am going to share How I switch from Lightroom to Capture One Pro. I won’t cover Why as many others have already covered this topic (see resource links at end). With a long career in IT as my background, I put together a transition plan to assist me in moving to Capture One Pro. I’ve simplified the transition plan down to 4 Transition Stages and 2 Post-Transition Activities to help others interested in switching to Capture One Pro. Disclosure: Since I am a Windows PC user (Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Studio computers), all my workspaces, keyboards shortcuts, etc. reference the Windows version of Capture One Pro. Stage 1 – Mapping Out Workflow My process began by reviewing my existing workflow (Figure 1) with the workflow pipeline Sascha Erni covers in his book: Capture One Pro 9:  Mastering Raw Development, Image Processing, and Asset Management (Figure 2). Figure 1 …

Sessions 103: Expert Knowledge

Do not miss the last piece of the puzzle! In the third and last post of this series series, we’ll discuss Sessions knowledge for Capture One Pro experts: How do you cull down and develop the most optimal workflow on set? Read along and test your Pro Session skills.