Achieving Perfect Skin Tones Using Capture One

One of the more difficult aspects of photographing people is getting the skin tone right in order to get that beautiful, natural look. Capture One has some great tools that will help you to achieve perfect skin tones. Join beauty and portrait photographer Jonas Nordqvist as he demonstrates the process in this step-by-step guide. Remember that you can download a free Capture One trial here. In this blog post, I will break down my workflow for you, so you get a better understanding how my process works and get a feel for how powerful Capture One Pro 11 really is. With that said, every photo is different, and I adapt my work process depending on the image. But, every photo starts in Capture One, either shooting tethered or importing from a memory card into a unique session folder for that specific shoot. Capture One > Photoshop > Capture One > Exported product Import and working in sessions I always shoot my work tethered when its physically possible and the cable doesn’t hold me down. Capture One …

Portrait and Beauty Retouching Workflow

In today’s world where images are output to a variety of media, and client changes are commonplace, an efficient and flexible workflow is just as important as the quality of your final image. The goal of this post is to take you through my retouching workflow, from tethered capture to Photoshop and all the way to image output, and show how you can get great quality results while remaining agile and efficient.