See it from my perspective; Creative cityscapes editing

Working with natural light is often challenging as you have less control over the outcome, especially if you want to get that shot there and then. Thankfully, with Capture One’s suite of tools and in particular targeting those adjustments in Layers, the potential for achieving your vision is greater than you think! Join award-winning fine art photographer and filmmaker Baber Afzal as he demonstrates the process in this step-by-step guide. Remember that you can download a free Capture One trial here. The following image was shot towards the end of December of last year, 2017. We had the most amazing conditions come to life when fog started rolling in during the afternoon in Dubai which is really rare. This shot was taken while we were crossing downtown and I noticed this unreal reflection on Burj Khalifa that we just couldn’t miss as the low flying fog was making its way through.   Now let’s talk about the process of how I edited this image in Capture One. Below is a step by step breakdown with screenshots …

Top Things to Love About Capture One 11

Capture One has been blurring the boundaries between RAW processing and photo editing and retouching for quite some time now, and version 11 continues to take that philosophy one step further with a number powerful of enhancements. With this latest release from Phase One, there’s a lot to love about the product, and here are a few of my favorite things.