Healing brush tool 2020

This new tool is every retoucher’s dream

Capture One’s new Heal Brush “is every retoucher’s dream” says commercial retoucher Pratik Naik. Get his tour of the new tool plus expert tips on how to use it. The new heal brush in the latest Capture One update has photographers and retouchers rejoicing around the world. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the new tool – and be sure to start by watching the video to get a visual for how you apply it to an image.   The Heal Brush icon is found in the Layers panel – once activated, it will automatically add a healing layer. Now, you don’t need to add additional healing layers because you can make as many adjustments as you like using the Heal Brush within that one layer. There’s no upper limit for the number of healing adjustments you can make, either.  Be default, all you need to do is highlight the element or object in your image that you’d like to remove and Capture One will cover it up by calculating the best possible source point for …

Why shoot RAW?

Have you ever wondered what benefits shooting RAW will bring to your images? This short blog post will quickly run through the most important differences between RAW and JPG and how you can obtain the highest precision in your editing workflow for the best image quality possible.

Managing Multiple Headshots

When shooting corporate headshots, or other portraits of many individuals, time is often an important factor. You don’t get many minutes per person, and after several days of shooting, you often end up with a huge number of images.  Managing an entire company’s batch of headshots can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. Capture One is a super powerful tool to help with this task.

Editing Competition with Pratik Naik

We have teamed up with fashion retoucher Pratik Naik and photographer Bella Kotak for this month’s editing challenge. We invite all photographers – whatever your level of experience with Capture One Pro – to watch Pratik’s guide for inspiration and let your creativity shine! Show us what you can do and be in with the chance of winning a free Capture One Pro license. Learn more about the competition here and enter by 30th March! [THIS COMEPETITION HAS ENDED!] Pratik Naik is a high end retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work. Bella Kotak is a world traveling fine art and fashion photographer based in Oxford & London, England. Working in the industry for over a decade, we have asked him some insights into his approach to retouching and editing. What do you focus on when retouching images? As a guide to retouching images, always focus on areas that you are distracted with. With this image, I would like you to focus mostly on emphasizing details and colors, over just finding flaws. Enhance what you want to bring attention to …