How to fine-tune your Black & White images

The first blog post I did was about converting a fairly simple image (processing wise) into a nice Black & White image.   This second post is based on a more complex image requiring more input and manipulation at the processing stage to achieve a beautiful result. “If you don’t like the weather, wait 20 minutes” I am known as a landscape photographer but a lot of the time I’m really a skyscape photographer. Frequently I look for dramatic skies and then find a suitable landscape to go underneath it. Perhaps it’s because I’m based in the UK and although we curse the changeable weather we experience, it does bring with it some wonderfully dramatic cloud formations. And nowhere is this more true than in Scotland (where the common saying is ‘if you don’t like the weather, then wait 20 minutes because it’ll change”!). A passion for the Scottish Highlands I love photographing in the Scottish Highlands. It’s a rugged landscape characterised by craggy mountains, open moorland and picturesque lochs. And one of my favourite …


So what a mess……ending up in color detention without a valid license for Capture One. But back home again let’s see what I can do to fix this messy-looking professor with lipstick marks on his shirt, redish eyes and dark shades under the eyes.