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What to expect from Capture One for iPad

Soon you can make your workflow even faster and take it on the go with Capture One for iPad. With the announcement of Capture One for iPad, you might be wondering how it will work. Creating the iPad app has meant making choices about how to best serve our community to meet their needs in a timely manner. In this article, we will clarify some of those choices and explain what to expect from the iPad app.


Capture One for iPad, a new photo editing app from Capture One

What Can You Expect From Capture One for iPad?

First, the Capture One iPad app is not intended to be a replacement for the desktop app, but instead its best companion. Even though the iPad app works perfectly well on its own, it is built to be a part of an ecosystem where you can work smoothly across devices to get the most out of your time, money, and images.

Throughout the development of the app, we have spoken to professional photographers from different disciplines about their needs and wishes. We have also looked at the usage data to help us see what tools are must-haves for mobility.

With the Capture One iPad app you can plug your camera directly into your iPad, import hundreds of photos, organize them and get to culling. See your images in all their glory on the iPad screen, quickly swipe through them, and rate or color tag them. Filter your best ones and start editing using either Styles or manual adjustments.

Capture One for iPad, a new photo editing app from Capture One

Once you are done editing, you can show your images directly on the screen to team members and clients when together on location or by exporting them as JPEGs. If you would like to refine your images even further when you get home, upload your album to the cloud, import it into Capture One Pro on desktop, and continue working exactly from where you left off.

Unique App Design for a Better User Experience

Once you start using Capture One for iPad, you will notice that it looks different from the desktop interface that you’re used to. To make sure that the app meets the needs of photographers on the go, we have created a whole new design for the best user experience.

Our team of user researchers, UX designers, and UI designers has studied when, where, and how you would use the iPad app and made an interface to fit. The result of this research is features like our two-handed UI, and more subtle elements like hand gestures used to control the tools, such as long pressing on the screen to see a before and after of your photo, or the amount of space dedicated to your images on the screen.

Capture One for iPad, a new photo editing app from Capture One

Which Features Will Be Available in Capture One for iPad?

At Capture One, we are dedicated to delivering premium products to our customers and we are obsessed with making sure that what we bring to the community of photographers who use our tools is the best that it can be.

However, the question any product company struggles with is when is a product ready for release. We could hold off on releasing our products for years and keep refining them , making sure that each detail is perfect and that most features are ported, or we can release them quickly but risk delivering a product that is buggy and unresponsive.

In this case, we have chosen to launch the iPad app with a reduced set of features that we are confident in. The first version is not the final version, but it is a version we are proud to share and that we think will bring a lot of value to our community of photographers. We are happy about the features it will offer you, and we are proud of the quality, reliability, and performance of the app. It is a great starting point for the future, and we have tons of things in the pipeline for you.

See the chart at the bottom of this article for a full overview of the features you can find in Capture One for iPad.

When is Capture One for iPad Available?

The Beta version of the iPad app will be available at the end of April for the first 10,000 people to sign up with the universal launch following shortly after. At launch, you’ll be able to bring the best image quality on the road with true-to-life colors, powerful adjustment tools, and easy image filtering and exporting.

Capture One for iPad, a new photo editing app from Capture One

When Will Tethering Be Available in the Capture One iPad App?

When we started the development of the app, tethering was on everyone’s mind but was deemed a high-risk feature due to technical challenges.

In parallel, at the start of the iPad journey, we decided to make photographers who do not shoot in studios the primary audience for the app. With tethering being primarily used for studio shooting, it went down in our list of priorities. Deciding which features to prioritize is always a combination of how valuable the feature is to achieve our vision and how difficult it is to deliver. However, working with alpha testers for the past 6 months, we have discovered a lot of use cases for tethering outside of the studio as well.

Tethering is one of Capture One’s key features, and as such we could not forget about it. We have worked closely with Apple over the past few months, and we can safely say that tethering for iPad is coming – not at launch, but soon after that.

Watch the preview of the app or read more about Capture One for iPad. 

Full list of features included in Capture One for iPad at launch and in future versions of the app:

Capture One for iPad Launch Features

Capture One for iPad Launch Features Import from camera roll, files, a plugged-in camera or an SD card – Create albums – Sort and filter
Cull Star rate – Color tag
Quick edits Apply styles and presets – Create styles and presets – Import styles and presets
Geometry Crop – Rotation
Editing tools White balance (wb & tint) – Exposure (exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation) – Dynamic Range (highlights, shadows, whites, blacks) – Clarity and structure – Dehaze (auto and manual) – Basic color editor, with color picker – HSL – B&W conversion – Vignetting – Sharpening (amount, radius, threshold, halo) – Noise reduction (luminance, details, color, single pixel) – Film grain (modes, impact, granularity) – Moiré – Histogram
Workflow efficiency Before/After – Undo/Redo/Reset – Display basic metadata – Copy and apply (selective adjustments)
Send to desktop and export Add album to the cloud, to be imported into CO Pro desktop – Export jpgs (predefined recipes) – Export EIPs – Watermark (text-only) – Share to any relevant app, including cloud storage ones, or save to files – Airdrop
Settings Switch UI left or right


Upcoming Capture One for iPad Features

Masks and Layers
Cloud improvements for file transfer and ultimately, synchronization
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