Seven reasons to use Capture One Live on your next shoot

Seven Reasons to use Capture One Live

Tired of constant back and forth with clients and unnecessary delays taking up your precious time?

At Capture One we are creating a full ecosystem of products to help you reimagine your workflow as a photographer. We want you to be able to shoot wherever, whenever, and together with whoever you want – putting the power to create back into your hands.

With Capture One Live – a real-time image sharing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capture One Pro – you can instantly share your work with others and speed up your workflow leaving more time to do the things you love. Here are seven reasons to use Capture One Live to create a more efficient and collaborative workflow for your next photoshoot.

1. Have clients and colleagues join photoshoots anywhere in the world

Your clients/collaborators can join a photoshoot and view images as you shoot them from anywhere in the world. No need to fly across cities, countries, or continents for you or your clients, saving time and money. The freedom of location Capture One Live offers can also help you widen your client base outside of your local area.

Capture One Live let's your clients view and rate your images in real-time

2. View images in real-time on separate devices

Even if you are in the same location, Capture One Live can be useful. Your clients/collaborators who are on set can view images as they happen on any device with access to a browser. Not only does this leave your workstation free for you and only you, but it can help others feel more integrated with the process.

Whoever you choose to share the live link with can view, cull, proof, and select images in a web browser on a device of their choice. Clients/collaborators can sit back and watch images pop up on their screens as they are being shot.

3. Get instant feedback without exporting

Your clients/collaborators can provide feedback by rating and tagging images using the Capture One Live sharing link you provide while you shoot. As they rate the images, you can follow their feedback in real-time in your Capture One Pro collection.

That means no more uploading, downloading, or transferring the images and emailing back and forth to get their feedback. Everything stays in one place so that you have a clear overview of what happens at all times.

With Capture One Live, your clients can view and rate your images in any web-browser

4. Get instant feedback on your edits

Capture One Live is not only for sharing during your shoot. Your clients/collaborators can also follow along as you edit your photos. Through their browser they are able to watch the process at any step to get the best result, whether it is to approve a final edit or give input on different Styles or looks.

5. No need for screen-sharing

Capture One Live cuts out the need for messy screen-sharing over Teams or Zoom. Clients and collaborators can view the images in any browser and have full control over which image to view and how much time to spend on each image – a much better user experience for everyone involved.

Soon you will also be able to add comments in addition to tags and ratings, meaning all feedback from your clients and collaborators can be found within Capture One Live.

Your live sessions can last for up to two weeks giving your clients more time to rate and tag your images

6. Share your images for up to two weeks

For those who want to do things at their own pace, the link that you share can stay live for up to 2 weeks – giving your clients/collaborators time to approve images and give you feedback. You can be away from your computer and close down Capture One Pro while this happens.  Simply click “Resume sharing” when you return to your computer, and the images, ratings, and tags will sync to your Capture One Pro desktop app.

7. Pick and choose which images to share

If you don’t want to give your clients/collaborators complete access, you can choose which images you want to share. You can create a separate Album just for them and use keyboard shortcuts to move images back and forth (see more about that here).

The benefits speak for themselves – Capture One Live is the perfect way for you and your clients to make the most of a photoshoot, letting you save both time and money on reshoots.


If you are ready to let Capture One Live help make your life as a photographer run a little smoother, then click here to get started.

To dive deeper into the inner workings of Capture One Live before jumping on the bandwagon watch this short tutorial.

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